Partner Farms

Our farmers are the most important piece of our operations, and our high quality genetics, knowledge, and experience helps to enhance the success of our partners. Each field is unique and situated in different growing environments, our relationship to the farmer and land is crucial to producing the highest quality industrial hemp.  



Old Homestead Hemp 

Located in the old agricultural hub of Washington County, Homestead Hemp is a re-purposed dairy that has belonged to the same family for over 200 years. The same passion that has driven generations of farmers on this soil is ever apparent in sisters Sarah Murphy and Iris Rogers, the owners of Homestead Hemp. 

The Old Homestead was founded by Clark Rogers on December 10th, 1787. The original deed states ownership of 558 acres of land. The Rogers Family has continued to obtain this estate, although smaller in size, to current day; providing a home and farmland to 8 generations of the Rogers family.

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Goatwell farms - Canandaigua, NY

Goatwell Farms is situated in the heart of the fertile flat lands of Western New York. Steve Harland has worked his farm for over decade and currently raises pigs, turkey, chicken, peacocks, ducks, and cultivates numerous vegetables. Adding industrial hemp to his diverse portfolio has been the perfect fit