Brand Development 

Content Creation 

Professional, clean, and innovative content is key to reaching consumers who are increasingly searching out products with hemp. 

Let us tailor your marketing content to a brand that's worthy of global distribution.  

Videos, interviews, photo-shoots, aerial footage, photo-realism (3D), labels, logos, web-design, you name it! 


market Strategy 

Our team has decades of experience in hemp foods and innovative products. We will give you the tools, connections, and strategy needed to take full advantage of this booming market. 

From cost analysis to a sound customer discovery process, we will help you position your brand to be a leading player in your market space. 

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Trusted Sourcing

Consumers are looking for products they trust and tell a story. Supply them with the highest quality products from a trusted source. Your brand will benefit from being able to claim it was grown from one of our partner family farms. Never have to worry about pesticide or other contamination and be proud of your New York sourced hemp. 

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