Meet our team. 

We are a family with combined decades of experience in all facets of the hemp and cannabis industries including cultivation, product development, finance, distribution, and research.

kaelan castetter hemp field

Kaelan Castetter

Chief Executive Officer

Kaelan is the founder of Sovereign Vines, America's only hemp infused wine, In 2017 he secured approval and brought to market the first N.Y. state hemp infused alcohol product. Kaelan specializes in public policy analysis, compliance, brand development, and has a talent for bringing together the right people to navigate the complexities of the emerging N.Y. hemp industry. His vision for C.S.G. is to become a leader in quality, sustainable, and profitable industrial hemp production.

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Aldous Loyd agriculture

Aldous Loyd

Chief Agricultural Officer

Aldous is an expert in genetic development and cultivation of cannabis. He has a lifetime of experience spearheading commercial growing operations throughout North America. His scientific knowledge combined with years of practical experience has honed his careful approach to the cultivation of industrial hemp. , Aldous is excited for the challenge of developing the perfect hemp cultivars acclimated to New York growing environments.

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Jim Castetter

Chief Operations Officer

Jim is the originator of hemp infused wine, breaking out his innovative product in 1997, working with hemp producers in the Netherlands and Germany. He has watched and participated in the development of industrial hemp from a small movement to a billion dollar industry. He has also spent years as a master mechanic and auto racing marshal, bringing his passion for excellence to everything he does. With his experience and invaluable skills, Jim has positioned CSG Hemp to be a front runner in quality, integrity, and results.

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Andrew Martin

Chief Financial Officer

Andrew is a Long Island native who has spent his career building a highly respected accounting firm and political career while investing in various hemp ventures. He has perfected outside forensic accounting at some of the highest levels of government including the White House, The Panama Canal Commission, and U.S. Treasury Department. He has served in the Nevada State Assembly and on the Nevada Economic Forum. In the assembly, he drafted laws that would be used to set up the now booming state cannabis industry. Andrew brings decades of political and accounting experience to serving our clients here and around the world.

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